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Deep-pleated and Mini-pleated

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Using paper class filter material, in order to ensure sufficient capacity ability of dust (Working life) and low resistance,Filter in the filter area have filters the windward surface dozens of times.So,folded filter paper need to separate one layer upon layer to in some way.The earliest HEPA filter with corrugated shape aluminum foil separator separation filter paper.Until the 1970 s, almost all the filters in the world are using this structure.Most China filter is still have clapboard structure, in order to save money, many manufacturers use white cardboard for partition.Currently,The Japanese are using clapboard structure in some air conditioning . In some occasions, due to the temperature tolerance and safety requirements, still must use filters with partition.

In the 1970 s, foreign material instead of playing with lines stare blankly clapboard air filter. Domestic calls "Mini-pleated" filter is to use a thread or tiny dividers instead of diaphragm filter,the original clapboard structure became "Deep-pleated" when had "Mini-pleated" .

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