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Filtering Principle

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Collide and Stick

Dust particles in the air , with the air doing live inertial motion , or do no regular exercise , or by the action of a gas field force and movement. When the movement of the particles hit an obstacle , an obstacle between the surface of the particles and the presence of van der Waals forces to make them stick together.

Fibers Filter Material

Filter material should be : not only effectively intercept dust particles , without the formation of excessive airflow resistance . Non-woven fibers material and a special paper that meets this requirement. Messy interwoven fibers to form a barrier against dust martial arts , the space between the fibers allow air flow smoothly.

Inertia Principle

A large number of particles in the air stream do inertial movement . Obstacle bypass airflow , due to the inertia of the particles deviate from the direction of airflow and hit the barrier . The larger the particles , the stronger the force of inertia , the greater the likelihood of collision obstacle , therefore , the better filtering effect.

Diffusion Theory

Small particles do no regular Brownian motion. When the random motion of the digital processing using mass transfer in the " diffusion " theory, so there is a diffusion theory says . The smaller the particles , the more severe without rules , the more chance hit an obstacle , so better filtering effect.

Efficiency Varies with Dust Size Particles

Filter dust collecting filter amount and unfiltered in the air ratio of call " filtration efficiency ". Less than 0.1μm ( micron ) particle major do the diffusion sports, the smaller particle , the higher the efficiency. greater than 0.5μm ( micron ) particles mainly do inertial motion , the larger the particle , the higher the efficiency. Between 0.1 ~ 0.3μm, there is a minimum efficiency point , the particle size of the dust filter difficult .


Fiber make airflow bypass, resulting in a slight resistance. Resistance is the sum of many fiber filter resistance .

Filter resistance increases with the increase of gas flow by increasing the area of ​​the

filter material , the filter can be reduced through the relative wind speed to reduce the resistance of the filter.

Dynamic Performance

The dust is captured to produce accessories for airflow resistance , so the use of filter resistance gradually increased. Captured dust filter media into one to form a new obstacle , so a slight improvement in filtration efficiency .

Most of the captured dust gathered in the windward side of the filter material . the larger filter area is , the more dust can be accommodate, the longer life filter have .

Filter Scrapped

The more dust on the filter , the greater resistance have. When the resistance is so large as to design allowed,filter`s life on the end. Sometimes, too much resistance causes the filter to capture dust scattering,when has appeared this danger , the filter should also be scrapped.

Static Electricity

If the filter material with a static or electrostatic dust filtration efficiency can be significantly improved.because static electricity dust changed the trajectory and crashed into the barrier, the electrostatic force participation stick work.

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