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Reasonably determine Filter Efficiency Grade

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In general, the last grade filter determine the degree of air purification, upstream filter just for protection.which protects the downwind end of the filter to prolong its life, or the protection of the air conditioning system to ensure its proper operation .

Air conditioning design ,Should first determine the requirements based on the user's last clean filter efficiency grade, and then choose the protective effect filter, if this grade filter is also required to protect, and then the upper hand in its short additional filters. Protective filters collectively “pre-filter”。

Filters should be properly matched per grade filter. filter efficiency specifications differ too much,the role of the previous grade after no protection level; If the grade are close, then the grade of burden is too small.

Cleanroom end of hepa filter life should be 5-15 years , the most important factors that affect the life is the pre-filter .

When using the "G ~ F ~ H ~ U" classification efficiency specifications , can easily estimate the efficiency of all grade filter. In G2 ~ H12 , every 2-4 stalls set up a filter. For example : G4 ~ F7 ~ H10, which ends H10 ( sub-efficient )air filter determines the air level , F7 protection H10, G4 protection F7.

Cleanroom ends efficiently (HEPA) filter in front of not less than the efficient

specification F8 filter to protect;(ULPA) filters can be choosed F9 ~ H11 filter for pre-filter. Central air-conditioning efficiency specification itself should not be less than F5 filters to protect .

In the absence of wind, low pollution areas ,in front of F7 filter can not to set pre-filter ; in the city's central air conditioning system , G3 ~ F6 common primary filter. What exactly should set the level of filtration efficiency pre-filter to protect a filter, which requires designers and field engineers will use the bad environment , cost of spare parts

Energy consumption , maintenance costs and other factors after considering the decision.

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