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Test Methods for General Ventilation Filters

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From United States , International general,China implemented.

The dust main component is screened, dust predetermined region, and then mixed with carbon black and a predetermined amount of the fine short fibers. Most national regulations use of the Arizona desert " road dust " (Arizona Road Dust), Once China standard using the loess plateau dust of a village. Japanese standards using the east Asian clay from Japan. “amount" as measured by weight of dust.

Filters installed in the standard test tunnel , upwind end continuous dust . Periodically, the dust filter through measurement of the weight or dust on the filter , whereby the filtration efficiency of the filter stage by weight of dust . The final weight efficiency is a weighted average of the pilot phase of the efficiency depending on the amount of dust.

Termination of the test conditions for arrestance : final resistance for promissory, or the efficiency drops significantly . Here the so-called “promissory”means the promissory between the customer and the experimenter , or experimenter own requirements . Obviously,the promissory test condition is different, the efficiency value is different. when termination of the test, the test weight to accommodate dust filter called "dust holding capacity."

Arrestance use for measuring low efficiency filters, those filters are generally used for central air conditioning system in the pre-filter.

Arrestance is a destructive test method, can not be used in everyday products factory performance test.

Standards: American ANSI / ASHRAE 52.1-1992, European EN 779:1993, China GB12218-89.


Traditional methods , from United States , in addition to Chinese world traffic. Test bench and test dust are the same with Arrestance . Dust holding capacity of sampling points the amount of light high efficiency of the paper.

Before and after the filter is sampled at the head of a high efficiency filter , it is clear the degree of contamination before and after the filter paper and efficient sampling points will be different . Trials, each after a dust test, measurement does not state issued the dust filter before sampling point the amount of light and efficient filter paper , filter paper by comparing the difference between the amount of light using a predetermined calculation is called " filtration efficiency ." The final colorimetric test efficiency is the efficiency of the whole process of the various stages of the value according to the weighted average of the amount of dust.

Termination of the test conditions and the conditions are similar retransmission count : final resistance value when the contract, or efficiency decreased significantly.

General ventilation colorimetric measurements for high efficiency filters , most of the air conditioning system filters belong to this filter. Colorimetric test method was the prevailing abroad , this approach gradually being replaced by notation.

Strict colorimetric method is destructive test , a test filters often require one day. This method is not an everyday means of inspection of the product. China has never used the colorimetric method , there is no domestic colorimetric test bench .

Standards : American ANSI / ASHRAE 52.1-1992, European EN 779:1993.

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