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Reasonable Confirm Efficiency Each Levels Filters

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Generally,The degree of air purification is decided by the final level filters,The upstream filters at all levels only plays an role of protection,which protect lee side filter for extend its working life or protect the system of air condition for ensure its normal operation.

In the design,First,according to the clean requirements of customer confirm the efficiency of the final level filters.Then,Select the filters which have the function of protections. If it needs protect,put addition filters in its upstream.The protection filters collectively known as“pre-filter”.

The efficiency of all level filters should be properly match.If the efficiency specification of adjacent two stage filter’s difference is too big,and then the later level burden is too small.

The working life of efficiency air filters of end in clean room is five to fifteen years.The most main factors which effect working life is pre-filter’s weakness.

When use the specification classify of“G~F~H~U”efficiency,it can estimate the efficiency of each need filters conveniently.In G2~H12,The primary filters should be set up every 2~4 gears.For example, G4~F7~H10,Among them, the end of the H10 (sub efficiency) filter determining the level of supply air clean, F7 protect the H10, G4 to protect F7.

The HEPA in clean room terminal which needs the protection of filters that efficiency specification is not lower than F8.F9~H11 filters can be used in ULPA filters.Central air conditioning itself should be efficiency specifications is not lower than F5 filter to protect.In no dust, low pollution area,pre-filter can not set before the F7 filters; In the city's central air conditioning system, the G3 ~ F6 common primary filter.

What should establish the efficiency of filtering level of pre-filter to filter protection level, this requires designers and on-site engineers will use bad border, spare parts cost running energy consumption, maintenance cost factors such as comprehensive consideration after the decision.

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